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TWO HEADED are Kurt Dräckes (The Sewergrooves, The Royal Cream) and Robert Eriksson (The Hellacopters, KSM3, Strindbergs, Strengsbrew, Black Weeds, etc.)

Side A
Shattered Diamond
Can’t Look At You
Out Of Time

Side B
Without You
Time Pass Us By

Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl
Includes two-page insert with photo and Lyrics
Artwork by: Mario Riviere

Co-released with Chaputa! Records (Portugal)

Kurt & Robert first met each other in the mid-90s and they quickly discovered they both had similar musical influences and background. Between 1995 and 2000 they played together in The Sewergrooves and during that time recorded and released 2 albums, a mini-album plus a bunch of 7” vinyl singles on various underground labels. After extensive touring all over Scandinavia, Europe & USA Robert had to leave the band (due to even more extensive touring with The Hellacopters). Fast forward to 2015 when Robert joined Kurt in his other band The Royal Cream for a tour of Spain and now, after about zillion liters of water under the bridge, the stars have aligned and Kurt & Robert have once again joined their collective minds and spirit as the new duo TWO HEADED!

5 songs were quickly recorded with studio engineer Fred Estby (Dismember) in his studio Gutterview Recorders in Stockholm, Sweden. Kurt played acoustic guitar, bass & sang while Robert played the drums. The idea was to make simple and catchy songs, mostly acoustic, and record them in a traditional way. Timeless and not necessarily rooted in any of their past. The most important factor was to be spontaneous, have fun and let the songs, the playing and the melodies be in focus.

After the recording was completed the pandemic took hold of the world and when the world woke up again so did Kurt & Robert and they decided it was time to finish the recording. Nico Elgstrand (ex-Entombed, ex-Terra Firma etc) was hired to mix and make them come alive…and now finally the songs are ready to fly!

As of now TWO HEADED are working on their debut full-length album, with an even more varied selection of songs. So keep your eyes and ears open, as always.


Kurt & Robert – TWO HEADED